Wilderness, Depression, & Stars In The Night


This video was inspired by an incredible song off of Tenth Avenue North’s new album. You can check it out here. Subscribe to my email list here and get my audiobook Jesus > Religion for free here. ————  

Is the Rapture Biblical?


With the resurgence of Left Behind I thought I’d highlight a few interesting things about the common depiction of rapture theology. When studying I realized the real question should be, where is our hope? Or what’s our final hope? For more research or study on this topic I’d recommend checking out Surprised By Hope and […]

Why We Should Stop Saying Everything Is “Awkward”

Final Thumbnil

Sometimes I think using the word awkward is just an excuse to not have to risk or put ourselves out there. What if we put down our phones and entered into the uncomfortable moments? Subscribe to my email list here and get my audiobook Jesus > Religion for free here. ————  

One Of My Favorite Books Of The Year (+ Coffee Giveaway)

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The technological revolution we have experienced in the last ten years or so has brought a few unique peculiarities to the publishing world, specifically the Christian one. What I mean is, because of the internet we now have authors, or “content creators,” who write books, not just writers. But with this shift there is as […]

New Trailer For ‘Exodus: God & Kings’ Looks Incredible!

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I’m always a huge fan of biblical narratives getting put on the big screen. Some people get upset when the story isn’t 100% accurate but for me it’s amazing regardless for a few reasons. First, when high level resources and creativity are put towards a biblical story it’s able to match the actual height of […]

The Bethke’s are Moving To Maui (WHAT?!?!)

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 1.20.26 PM

This is from last month in Maui. Thanks Jenna Strubhar for the amazing photos!   ——————   We are moving to Maui. I never thought I’d say that sentence. Well, actually, maybe about 4-5 years ago I did, but not now. For some context, Hawaii actually is a really special place to both Alyssa and me. She lived […]

Being A Dad, Spitting Up, And Joys of Parenthood


I’ve had so much fun being a dad to little Kinsley. There growth in the beginning is so fast! Every day is different. We thought we’d put together our first vlog showing some highlights from the past couple months. Hope you guys like it! PS what do you guys think of the vlog format? Should […]