The Trailer For ‘Exodus: God & Kings’ Looks EPIC

Christian Bale Exodus Gods and Kings

Love the new trailer for Ridley Scott’s adaption of the Exodus narrative. Already from the trailer it seems there’s a little creative license taken (for one, it looks like Batman is playing Moses), but I’m always a fan of the biblical narratives put on the big screen. For one, Hollywood is able to make them […]

What Hipster Coffee Shops & Young Churches Have In Common


I’m a big fan of coffee. Like a I-drink-it-black-every-morning-from-my-personal-aeropress type of fan (if you don’t know what that is, and you like coffee, def worth googling). One thing that has fascinated me lately is the absolute surge in high end experience coffee shops all across the nation (think hipster shops with coffee gadgets and whole […]

This Girl & Service Dog Next To Each Other In Yearbook


Absolutely love this story that’s on The Today Show’s website. Great reminder that moments of kindness and thinking of others can have a lasting impact. Rachel Benke has struggled with epileptic seizures since birth. She has been inseparable from Taxi (her dog pictured above) since they’ve had him. The article said that Taxi can sense seizures up […]