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Growing up I never really read the Bible. People told me I should read it, but realistically I never read it much at all. It seemed boring, weird, and completely disconnected from my actual life. Fast forward to college when I started to really follow Jesus and all of a sudden I loved The Bible. I […]



Excuse me while I go crazy and dance and shout and run in circles in my office!! My book is officially available for preorder!!! To actually see it on Barnes & Noble and Amazon’s site is a huge step in making it feel “real.” Meaning sometimes when you write a book it doesn’t feel real. […]

The Bible is Messy


My buddy and I got to go to Morocco a couple months ago and shoot videos on the set of A.D. that’ll air on NBC April 5. Hope this first one encourages you! Subscribe to my email list here and get my audiobook Jesus > Religion for free here. ————  

Porn: Trafficking At Our Fingertips

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Below is a video we’ve been working on for a couple months. We wanted it to be short and start the conversation, not end it. If you want to dig deeper into the claims of the video check out the sources, articles, and research here. Subscribe to my email list here and get my audiobook […]

Our New Podcast Is Here!!

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Alyssa and I are SOOO excited to announce our new Podcast, “Anything & Everything” is here!! You can subscribe and listen to it on iTunes by clicking here. Or you can listen on the player below. Also, we love you guys and appreciate your feedback so let us know what you specifically liked or didn’t […]

Ferguson, Hope, & Empathy

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I almost didn’t make this video. So much hurt, angst, and pain surrounding a topic. But I really hope it can allow us, Jesus followers especially, to lean into that hurt and ache. And please, if you’re going to engage with this video, please watch the whole thing. Hope our posture can be one of humility and […]

Wilderness, Depression, & Stars In The Night


This video was inspired by an incredible song off of Tenth Avenue North’s new album. You can check it out here. Subscribe to my email list here and get my audiobook Jesus > Religion for free here. ————